Professional Services and Activities



?         IEEE Senior Member, also Comsoc, btsoc members


Consultant in Industry

?         ITRI/SoC Technology Center, Hsinchu, Taiwan, 2004.


TPC and Chairing Sessions at International Conferences


?         TPC, ITST 2012, 2013

?         TPC, PRIP-2013, 2014

?         TPC, ICCVE 2013, 2014

?         TPC, IEEE ICNC’13 SPC, ICNC’14 SPC

?         TPC, IEEE ICC’13 SPC,

?         TPC, IEEE GC12 SPC, GC13 SPC, GC14 SPC

?         TPC, IEEE WCNC’13-PHY, WCNC’14-PHY

?         TPC, IEEE CCNC 2009~2012

?         TPC, IEEE VTC2010-Spring ~ VTC2012-Spring

?         TPC, IEEE ICCCAS 2010

?         TPC, IEEE PIMRC’09

?         Session Chair, IEEE VTC2010-Spring

?         TPC, IEEE PIMRC, Tokyo, Japan, 2009

?         Session Chair, IEEE ICCCAS, Xiamen, China, 2008

?         Session Chair, International Symposium on Communication (ISCOM), Kaoshiung, Taiwan, 2005


Constant Paper Reviewer for Major International Journals and Conferences

?         IEEE Trans. Commun.

?         IEEE JSAC

?         IEEE Trans. Veh. Techn.

?         IEEE Trans. Wireless Commun.

?         IEEE Trans. CAS-I, II

?         IEEE Trans. Broadcasting

?         IEEE Trans. VLSI

?         IEEE Commun. Letters

?         IEEE Signal Processing Letters

?         EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing

?         IEEE Conferences including ICC, Globecom, ISCAS, VTC, PIMRC, CCNC, etc.


Teaching Short Technical Courses


?       “MIMO and Smart Antenna Technology,” 啓眲鴔瑆t訓課程 4 hrs, Oct. 2013.

?       “IEEE 802.11ac 系統設計與多天線方法,” 1.5 hrs, IEEE 802.11ac 論壇(Ctimes雜誌社主辦), Sept. 2013.

?       “High-Order 2048/5124-QAM Blind Demodulation,” 聯詠科技廠訓課程, 12 hrs, Oct. 2012.

?       “Communication Tranceiver Design and Practice,” 台北自強基金會課程, 18 hrs, Jan. 2012.

?       “OFDM 射頻缺陷與補償技術,” 工研院產業學院人才培訓課程, 12 hrs, Nov. 2011.

?       “MIMO OFDM Transceiver Technology,” 聯詠科技廠訓課程, 12 hrs, Oct. 2011.

?       “RF Transceivers, Impairements, and Compensation,” 啓眲鴔瑎t講 3 hrs, March 2011.

?       “Digital Communications,” 台灣 NEC 訓練課程, 12 hrs, July 2011.

?       “MIMO 無線通訊技術,” 工研院訓練課程, 12 hrs, Feb. 2011.

?       “Baseband Transceiver and OFDM Technology,” 聯詠科技廠訓課程, 12 hrs, July 2010.

?         More than 30 short courses of length 14 hrs~30 hrs per course on topics of OFDM Technology, WiMAX OFDM, MIMO OFDM, DVB-T, FPGA System Design, Baseband Transceiver Design, etc for Tze Chiang Foundation of Science and Technology (自強基金會, Hsinchu/Taipei), ITRI Center for Measurement Standards (工研院量測中心), ITRI College (工研院產業學院), etc, 2003~2008.

?         More than 20 short courses of length 3 hrs~12 hrs per course on topics of OFDM, WiMAX, DVB-T, etc for industrial companies, e.g., Draytek, Agilent, EE Design, Finesse, Hatsushiba, etc, 2004~2008.

?         "Transceiving Technology, OFDM, and the Applications of WLAN and WiMAX", 30 hrs, SYSTEX (台北精誠資訊,行政院人才培訓及運用方案), 2008.

?         Two e-learning courses entitled “WLAN Technology and Development” and “OFDM Principle and DSP for WLAN Applications” for III Digital Education Institute (資策會數位教育研究所), 2003, 2007.

?         “MIMO OFDM Principle and Baseband Design,” 6 hrs, National Symposium on Telecommunications (NST, 全國電信研討會), 2006.

?         “FPGA Logic Circuit Design and Practice,” 48 hrs, Advanced Communication Labs. NCU, 2006.

?         “Introduction to Data Communications,” 54 hrs, Advanced Communication Labs. NCU, 2004.


Talks or Speeches at Seminars/Workshops


?         預編碼矩陣旋轉之MIMO-OFDM 有限回授法,” 15 屆海峽兩岸資訊技術研討會,國立中央大學Dec. 2013

?         “Modified Decision Feedback Channel Estimation for Mobile OFDM,” NTHU EE Seminar, Oct. 2011.

?         “The Cyclic Prefix CDMA Scheme with Depreading Before Decision Feedback Equalization,” NCNU EE Seminar, Nov. 2011.

?         “OFDM Channel Estimation and Channel Tracking,” CYU EE Seminar, 2008.

?         “A Decision-Aided Carrier Recovery Method With the New Low Complexity Kalman Algorithm,” TKU EE Seminar, 2006.

?         “Communication Integrated Circuit System Simulation and Design: An Example of Cable Modem Downstream QAM,” FJU EE Seminar, 2005.

?         “Filterbank OFDM,” IT/Commun. Workshop, Spring 2004.

?         Other talks on seminars at NCNU EE, NCHU EE, NCTU CM, NCU CE, DYU CSIE, Yuntech EE, etc before 2004.


Personally Oral Presentations at International Conferences


?                                                 “Active Noise Cancellation With a New Variable Tap Length and Step Size FXLMS Algorithm,” IEEE ICME, San Jose, CA, July 2013. (Best Paper Award Candidate)

?         “An Automatic Modulation Classification Technique Using High-Order Statistics for Multipath Fading Channels,” Workshop on Transceiver Design for ITS in ITST 2011, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, Aug. 2011.

?         “Modified CMA Method and Implementation for Time-Varying OFDM Channel Estimation,” Workshop on Transceiver Design for ITS  in ITST 2011, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, Aug. 2011.

?         “Modulation Classification for M-ary CPM Signals,” IEEE ICCCN 2011, Maui, Hawaii, July-Aug., 2011.

?         “Modified Decision Feedback Channel Estimation Method for Mobile OFDM Systems,” IEEE ICCCN 2011, Maui, Hawaii, July-Aug., 2011.

?         “A Decision Feedback CP-Assisted CDMA Scheme Using Despreading Before Equalization,” IEEE ICC 2011, Kyoto, Japan, June, 2011.

?         “MMSE Solution for OFDMA Systems with Carrier Frequency Offset Correction,” IEEE VTC2010-Spring, Taipei, Taiwan, May 2010.

?         “Pilot-Aided Channel Estimation Methods for ICI Reduction in Mobile OFDM Systems,” IEEE CCNC, Las Vegas, CA USA, Jan. 2009.

?         “Modified Decision Feedback Methods for OFDM Channel Tracking,” IEEE ICCCAS, Xiamen, China, May 2008.

?         “Prototype Filter Design for a Cosine-Modulated Filterbank Transmultiplexer,” IEEE APCCAS, Singapore, Dec. 2006.

?         “Analysis and Compensation of Channel Correction in Pilot-Aided OFDM Systems With Symbol Timing Offset,” IEEE EIT, East Lansing, MI USA, May 2006.

?         “Design of an OFDM System With Long Frame by the Decision-Aided Channel Tracking Algorithm,” IEEE EIT, East Lansing, MI USA, May 2006.

?         “A Decision-Aided Carrier Recovery Method With the New Low Complexity MMSE Algorithm,” IEEE EIT, East Lansing, MI USA, May 2006. (Best Paper Award)

?         “An Adaptive Transmultiplexer by Fast RLS Algorithms and its Applications to Multicarrier Communications,” IEEE ICC, Istanbul, Turkey, June 2006.

?         “Adaptive Carrier Synchronization for Cable QAM Receivers Using Kalman Filtering Techniques,” ISCOM 2005, Kaoshiung, Taiwan, Nov. 2005.

?         Other presentations before 2005.